के हो मौखिक रोग, यसले स्वास्थ्यमा कस्तो प्रभाव पार्छ ?

मौखिक रोग शरीरको सबैभन्दा अपरिचित पक्ष हो, जसको गहन प्रभाव सम्पूर्ण स्वास्थ्यमा पर्न सक्छ। त्यसैले दाँत सफा नराखेमा यसले मानिसलाई जीवनभर असर पुर्‍याउँछ। जान्नुहोस् कसरी तपाईंको मुख, दाँत, र गिजाहरूको सरसफाईमा हुने हेलचक्राईले स्वास्थ्यलाई असर गर्दछ। सास/मुख गन्हाउने : मुखमा रहेको खानाको कणहरूको अवशेषले दाँतमा ब्याक्टेरियाको बेरंग र चिपचिपा फिल्म बनाउँदछ जसले गर्दा गिजामा चिढचिढाहट […]

Organ Institution of Identik Dental Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

Dear valued patients and customers, We are pleased to inform you that Smile Line Specialist Dental Care Pvt. Ltd. is the only dental clinic in Kathmandu with its own dental lab named as Identik Dental Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. which has been serving the dental sector for more than 15 years. We are proud to be […]

Social Services

We organise Denture Camps for free Dental Screening . We have recently established Lions Club of Kathmandu Dental Paropakar for the Socio dental welfare service in remote places of Nepal and abroad. We also sponsor free Denture & Dental Camps . For any Support, Contact Us.

Why have braces?

Some patients actively look for braces treatment, but many are advised by their dentist that they need to see an orthodontist in order to make treatment like veneers or crowns easier to do. In these cases, the additional expense of orthodontic treatment may seem unnecessary. After all it’s quicker and less hassle just to have […]

White Fillings

Damage to your teeth can make your teeth vulnerable to more serious dental problems, and can also make your smile very unattractive. It is important to arrest the damage while it is still in its earliest stages to make sure that you can still keep your smile healthy and beautiful in the long run. A […]


What is a crown? A crown is a treatment which covers, or caps, a damaged tooth. Teeth get damaged by decay, accidents, discolouration, and prior dental treatments. Your dentist carefully uses a mixture of materials to fabricate a tooth-shaped chewing surface, and installs it over the remaining parts of the tooth. Materials used may include […]

Tooth Extraction

While it is usually preferable to keep your natural teeth as long as possible, there are several reasons the dentist may recommend removing a tooth entirely from the socket in your jaw. This is called an extraction. Your jaw may not have enough room to accommodate the tooth. If not removed, it could become impacted.As […]

Spotting Problems With Your Teeth

In this age of cosmetic dentistry, we regularly see a host of glittering white smiles whenever we look at photographs of a star-studded event. It’s easy to make comparisons and wonder about the quality of our own teeth. So, what should you be keeping an eye on? There are a range of tell-tale signs that […]

Restorative treatment

Despite the best mouth care, sometimes teeth suffer decay and damage. Kensington Dental offers a variety of treatments to restore your smile to its ideal condition. Filling A dental filling stops the forward progress of decay. This is the most common restorative treatment, and helps prevent the need for more intensive treatment when taken care […]

Soft Drinks and Teeth

Carbonated or ‘soft’ drinks seem to be a massive part of everyday life nowadays. Some chain restaurants offer refillable options, nearly all restaurants offer them as a choice. They form part of the supermarket lunchtime meal deals… It seems just as normal to opt for a soft drink as for a glass of water with […]

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