Why have braces?

Advanced techniques in orthodontics and teeth straightening treatment, allow for adults to quickly and discretely straighten teeth.

Why have braces or orthodontic treatment:

  • Close up any gaps between teeth
  • Straighten crooked/overlapping teeth
  • Realigment of crowded teeth
  • Remove overbite- front teeth overlap too much
  • Close open bite- some teeth aren’t contacting
  • Make it easier to clean teeth
  • Moving teeth into a more desirable position as part of smile
  • design or to facilitate teeth replacement using dental implants

Single Tooth Replacement

Such as Six Month Smiles, Quick Straight Teeth, C-Fast These systems involve braces on the front of the teeth. However, as they are aimed for adults, they use the most discrete wires and tooth coloured/clear brackets to make them less noticeable.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

Such as Incognito and Secret Smile Lingual braces offer the accuracy and speed of traditional fixed braces. However, they are placed on the inner surface of the teeth (behind teeth). This makes them completely invisible, since there is no part of the brace on the outer surface of the teeth.

Same Day Implants

Such as Invisalign, QST and Clear Aligners These clear braces or aligners can be thought of as very thin gum shields which are placed over your teeth. Each aligner is worn for a couple of weeks and then changed to the next one in the series. This process gradually moves teeth into the desired position, whilst remaining discrete.