Smile Line was  established in 2014 hence, leaving the doctors well experienced. It has been successful in constructing beautiful smiles. the patients satisfaction has been the best of its all. Smile Line Specialist Dental Clinic offers the best dental treatment to its patients because we understand the needs and comfort level of our patients which has made us established as one of the best dental clinics in Kathmandu. Our clinic is committed to provide best treatment at affordable prices at all kinds of treatments. At our clinic we use the latest technologies and materials to make your dental visit as pleasant, painless and comfortable as possible. one of the best highlighted feature is that we have our own dental laboratory attached named IDENTIK DENTAL LABORATORY situated in the same house located in samakhusi -26. We show to patient live about their prosthesis to be remain on their mouth. And another extra ordinary feature is that we have established LIONS CLUB OF KATHMANDU DENTAL PAROPAKAR for the social service .