Restorative treatment

Despite the best mouth care, sometimes teeth suffer decay and damage. Kensington Dental offers a variety of treatments to restore your smile to its ideal condition.


A dental filling stops the forward progress of decay. This is the most common restorative treatment, and helps prevent the need for more intensive treatment when taken care of in a timely fashion. Read more about dental fillings here.


An inlay is similar to a filling, but its focus is on the functionality of the biting and chewing surface. An inlay is custom built by a dental technician to build up a tooth so it correctly meets the surrounding teeth for optimal alignment.


Sometimes a tooth will crack from damage or decay. A dental crown caps the damaged tooth so that it can continue to function properly, and also maintains the cosmetic appearance. Read more about dental crowns here.

Dental Bridge

When a tooth is lost or has to be removed, a dental bridge fills the space. A bridge is permanently attached to the surrounding teeth and functions in place of the missing tooth. Read more about dental bridges here.

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