White Fillings

Damage to your teeth can make your teeth vulnerable to more serious dental problems, and can also make your smile very unattractive. It is important to arrest the damage while it is still in its earliest stages to make sure that you can still keep your smile healthy and beautiful in the long run. A treatment with white fillings can repair the damage – bringing back a healthy and beautiful smile.

How will White Fillings be placed on my Teeth?

The white fillings treatment starts with the removal of the decayed or damaged portion of your affected tooth. The dentist will then get an impression of the tooth and the surrounding teeth, which will be used as a guide for the filling material. The tooth-coloured filling will be placed directly into the cavity, and will then be hardened using a special light.

Why Do I Need White Fillings?

  • White fillings are used to replace the damaged part of the teeth (often caused by tooth decay). The filling material is placed directly into the cavity left by the damaged tooth portion. When the filling is successfully in place, both the form and the function of the affected tooth will be restored.
  • The tooth-coloured material used in a white filling treatment makes it possible to repair the damage in a discreet way – no obvious filling material to be seen when you smile, or when you open your mouth. Instead of showing a dark or silver-coloured material (used in silver amalgam fillings), a treatment with white fillings will just seem like you have perfectly healthy teeth, with no obvious sign of dental problems.
  • The material used in white fillings does not contain mercury, which is a component in silver amalgam fillings. This makes the white filling treatment a much safer alternative to silver amalgam fillings, as mercury can have harmful effects to the body.
  • Your teeth will be less prone to sensitivity with white fillings, compared to silver amalgam fillings.

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